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Name: Craig

Age: 40+

Exercise History: Regular gym user

Goals: Weight loss, strength gains

Problems: Various mobility issues

Method: Hybrid: Online & 1-2-1 Training

What Craig had to say: Benchmark Fitness did everything I hoped it would for me, and then some more! I joined BMF as I couldn’t stay motivated in sticking to any diet and I knew I needed to lose weight and also to improve my gym technique. Mark’s  programmes genuinely transformed my body and how I exercised! 

His app is really easy to navigate and Mark is fantastic at keeping you motivated and on track! 


His knowledge on diet and exercise has meant I’ve always felt confident in what I’m doing and I’ve seen the results to prove it 

The one-to one sessions have been tremendous in helping me to improve my technique and form as well as introducing me to a whole range of new movements that I’d either been too nervous to try or had never seen before!


Marks workouts are designed around me; what I enjoy and what I need to do to reach my goals and because he has got to know my capabilities he can keep me focused and support my progress! Sessions are hard but fun, they challenge me to make steady, real, progress. Exactly what you would want in a Personal Trainer!

Workouts are designed around me, what I enjoy and need to meet my goals "

body transformation beofre and after

Name: Tim

Age: 50+

Exercise History: No previous experience

Goals: Improve overall health and fitness

Problems: Weak right shoulder

Method: 1-2-1 Training

After identifying mobility limitations in Tim's right shoulder I created a training programme that included exercises to increase his range of movement and build strength.

We also followed a full body workout programme three times a week to target and improve his health and fitness.

I made adjustments to Tim's diet by increasing his protein intake and monitoring the amount of carbohydrates and fat he consumed.

Once Tim started to see and feel improvements within himself his goals changed. He now wanted to get in the best shape he possibly could. Therefore I created a higher volume training schedule to strip fat and build more lean muscle.

Over time I carefully manipulated the macro-nutrients in his diet continuing to keep protein high and adjusting his carbohydrate and fat intake to further increase his fat loss.

Tim started with a body fat percentage of 19% and a lean body mass of 61kg and ended with 10.9% body fat and 61.5kg lean body mass

Two years on Tim is still training with me and continues to work hard and enjoy his workouts.

Mark has helped me in many ways, including focus diet and goals. "

body transformation before and after

Name: Claire

Age: 20+

Exercise History: Previous experience of exercise classes

Goals: Lose weight, get in shape

Problems: Poor diet

Method: 1-2-1 Training

Claire came to me not long after having a baby, she gained weight during the pregnancy and was struggling with motivation.

Her diet was poor and consisted of mostly junk food and unhealthy snacks.

My solution was to build her levels of strength and fitness and gradually switch the junk food for a portion controlled, high protein, healthier diet.

Using exercises like squats, deadlifts and high intensity interval training, which progressed over time she soon started to see changes not only in her physique but also her energy levels and enthusiasm.

Substituting unhealthy snacks for lower calorie options helped keep her on track.

The changes seen in the pictures above were made within 8 months. She lost 20.4kg in weight in that time.

Claire has completely turned her life around, she is now a qualified fitness instructor herself! 

" With Marks help I've smashed through every goal we set together and a hell of a lot more! "

online training before and after

Name: Elly

Age: 20+

Exercise History: Previous experience of exercise classes

Goals: Lose weight, get in shape

Problems: High Carbohydrate diet

Method: Online Training

Elly was one of my first online training clients and signed up for a six week programme.

She was struggling with her weight having recently had a baby.

She joined me having some exercise experience but only really in a fitness class environment and had very little experience with free weights.

Her diet was very carb heavy and she had no real idea of suitable portion sizes or calorie intake.

The first step was to change the focus of her diet from carbs to protein and educate her on suitable portions sizes.

Her six week online training programme consisted of 3 resistance training sessions together with three 30 minute cardio sessions on alternating days. The online coaching option allowed Elly the flexibility to fit in all her training around work and caring for her family.

During the six weeks Elly attended a hen do and a wedding. With the skills and techniques for controlled eating she had learnt through my online coaching she still managed to keep on track with her diet and make some impressive differences to how she looked and felt.

In six weeks Elly lost 10cm from her waist and 6.9kg in weight.

" Online training was a really great experience and I'm finally on track with my diet and exercise "

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