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Anyone that knows me, will know that I’m a mad keen snowboarder.

It’s probably my favourite thing to do. Ever. If I could spend the whole winter doing it, I would.

So, March 2017 I got the chance to spend a week in St Foy in the Savoie region of the French Alps on a coaching workshop to improve my snowboarding skills.

I travelled there to meet up with 10 likeminded but complete strangers.

One member of the group was a lady called Fiona Murden.

Fiona Murden

Fiona is a Psychologist and Performance Coach; as well as a bloody good snowboarder.

She specialises in psychological profiling and is hired to help companies figure out if people are a good fit for specific job roles.

By this I don’t mean she helps Fred Bloggs get a job flipping burgers in Maccy D’s (though I have no doubt they’d be the best employee Maccy’s ever had if she did!).

Fiona actually works with some very large companies and organisations and helps them fill big roles like Chief Executive.

The list of companies she has worked with is very impressive and includes some big names like Selfridges, BP, Tesco and Cadburys - Fiona knows her stuff!

The links between physical and mental health are widely known and we also know that exercise is one of the best antidepressants available.

Since becoming a Personal Trainer I have developed an interest in psychology, because of the way it can help me get the best out of my clients and also help them understand themselves.

So, to meet Fiona and get the chance to chat some (very basic) psychology was a great opportunity for me.

Since returning home I have shared some of her blog articles on my Facebook page.

She always writes in an easy to understand but thought-provoking manner; you can check out her blog here:

Fiona has now written a book called Defining You.

In the book she guides you through all the techniques she uses with the big multi-nationals to profile yourself, discover your strengths and develop the best environment for you to excel.

I’m reading it as we speak and have learned so much already.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself and how you can be more successful, then I highly recommend you get a copy.

Don’t worry you don’t need to be a high flyer to benefit from reading this, it’s for anyone who aspires to fulfil their potential.

Buy it soon and you can also access the Credo Test, which is a personality test designed as a self-development tool to help you identify specific personality traits and your motivational drives.

I’m really interested to see what I learn about myself once I’ve taken it and will share the results here, on my own blog.

You can buy it here:

Or search for it using the hashtag #definingyou

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