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Power Up Your Diet

I am a nerd!!!!

One definition of the word nerd is

"a person who is extremely interested in a subject"

I'm an exercise nerd!!

I'm also a snowboard nerd!!!

And from about the age of 10 I've been a video game nerd!!

I remember playing the first Atari console my Dad got when me and my brother were kids.

(OK, so that's not us but you get the idea!!)

Games like Tank, Pac-Man or Space Invaders kept us occupied for hours.

By current gaming standards they were ridiculously basic.

But we loved it and it kick-started a lifetime of playing video games.

I still play these days.

Not as much as I used to but when I get chance I'll have a go.

The concept of most video games is similar.

You start with low level character with basic abilities and weapons.

You learn the controls and the special moves.

You journey through the games different levels figuring out how it works as you go,

The challenge and fun come from trying to complete the game by solving the puzzles and learning how to defeat the end of level bosses.

As you make your way through the levels, you can collect power ups to improve your characters skills and abilities.

Each time you collect a power up you become better equipped to handle the challenges that the game throws at you.

Diet and nutrition are a lot like video games.

Most people start off with a basic idea of what the aim of the game is.

They know it is going to be a challenge and that there will be puzzles and boss fights along the way.

They know they would like to lose weight and they have a rough idea of how to do it.

But they don't manage to get to grips with the controls or fully master the special moves.

They jump straight in and start button bashing in the hope that they'll get to the end of the game in one piece.

How far can you expect to get on your dietary quest if you don't have a basic understanding of nutrition and how to control your calorie intake?

Unlike most games you can't fully complete dieting, but you can POWER UP your nutritional knowledge.

With practice you can improve your skills and boost your abilities to become better prepared for achieving your goal.

What Level Are You??


No special skills other than some natty blue dungarees and an ability to jump on baddies heads.

New to nutrition and eating well

High Body Fat% >25% for men >30% women

Make poor food choices

Little knowledge of food types, may ask things like "what is protein?"

Fire Mario


Collecting the Fire Flower was the first Power Up in the game, this boosted Mario's skills and abilities, allowing him to make progress into the harder parts of the game.

Basic understanding of nutrition

Can identify foods from each macronutrient category

Eat well most of the time

Moderate Body Fat% Aprox 15-20% for men 20-25% women

People in this category are probably in good shape but may need help with portion control or dietary fine tuning.

Raccoon Mario

Once Mario collected the Raccoon Suit Power Up, you were literally flying, you could reach new heights and access hidden areas previously unexplored

Less than 12% Body fat men

Less than 20% Body fat women

Track food intake.

Understand the functions of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates in the body.

These people are dietary nerds. They plan ahead, prepare meals and cheat meals according to their training goals.

100% Completion

Unlike games, when it comes to diet, you are not forced to learn and improve so you can make progress.

If you try to lose weight and it goes wrong most people feel as if they are failures and quit playing.

Games make you learn from your mistakes.

They make you repeat the process again and again until you are successful.

It can be repetitive and frustrating, but once you have figured out how to play the game you can complete it.

Trying to make progress with your diet can be frustrating and you will more than likely have setbacks, but if you take the time to learn the controls, figure out the special moves, you can learn to take charge of your weight, eat out without stressing about ruining all your progress and achieve your physique goals.

It isn't necessary to know the finest details, but a little basic nutritional knowledge will go a long way.

By learning and understanding the subject, you get better at it, you become more skillful and eventually you will become a better player!!

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